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The Black Hole [5am film series]

The Black Hole packs some astute observations of mundane office life and petty greed into a two minute short film. Not quite groundbreaking, the film features no dialogue and relies on typical atmospheric sound and lighting.

No Dogs No Masters [5am film series]

Jim Swill‘s latest documentary examines society’s use of technology with a particular focus on Southern Televangelists and the Selfie Culture. As always, he shoots his films on Smart phones, this latest one was shot on a shattered iPhone4. Swill made No Dogs No Masters while traveling around the United States and filmed, scored, wrote, and narrated the entire piece.

The 5am Film Series

The 5am film series was started while I was the editorial director at Disinformation. I created it as a way to showcase short films of all genres. After stepping down from Disinfo, I decided to continue the series here at The Cinematika.