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“The Grand Budapest Hotel,” 2014 (Dir. by Wes Anderson)

Wes Anderson’s continual and much lauded use of artifice and perfectionistic style is not amiss in his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I have to admit that Anderson’s whimsical artifice often irritates me, but this particular film’s gimmicks are much easier to digest than Anderson’s other recent release, Moonrise Kingdom.

Broken Flowers Still

Netflix Streaming: “Broken Flowers,” 2005 (Dir. by Jim Jarmusch)

Broken Flowers | Directed by Jim Jarmusch | Release Date: 2005 | Rating: R | Run Time: 1hr and 46min Broken Flowers is my first encounter with director Jim Jarmusch and I realize that I’ve been sorely missing out. Be prepared for more Jarmusch movie reviews in the future, as I delve into his oeuvre. I found a few […]

NEWS: “The Jersey Devil” Begins Shooting This Month

Received this press release in my inbox this morning. Thought I’d pass it along to all of our readers. Not entirely sure what to think of the project, though I won’t make any brash judgements at this point. __ CHRIS MULKEY — JACK MULCAHY – KEITH COLLINS – DAVID CHOKACHI SIGN ON TO STAR IN NEW […]

NETFLIX STREAMING: “Prince Avalanche,” 2013 (Dir. by David Gordon Green)

Prince Avalanche | Directed by David Gordon Green | Release Date: 2013 | Rating: R | Run Time: 1hr 34min I had high hopes for Prince Avalanche. Sure, it looked like an overtired, typical indie flick. But I was hoping David Gordon Green, who brought us Pineapple Express, would be able to give us an […]