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The Passion of Anna: Ingmar Bergman’s Deconstructionist Masterpiece

Bergman’s use of deconstruction is an interesting approach to take in filmmaking, and it’s certainly not something that can be easily accomplished without coming off as tacky or overly pretentious. A less attentive director would certainly fail at throwing such an avant-garde aspect into an otherwise typical narrative film, but Bergman is no hack.

“Flesh of my Flesh” (La Chair de ma Chair), 2013

Flesh of my Flesh | Directed by Denis Dercourt | Release Date: 2013 | Run Time: 1hr 16min I had the pleasure of seeing this mostly unknown French film thanks to a giveaway from Fangoria for a pair of free tickets to a showing at the Film Comment Selects series in NYC. To be honest, I had no […]