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“Under the Skin,” 2013 (Dir. by Jonathan Glazer)

This is the first of Jonathan Glazer’s that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. But after viewing the compelling and powerful Under the Skin, I will definitely be revisiting his other two features. In fact, I went to the DVD rental place down the street, and they had a copy of Birth for only $3.00. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch that and get a review out soon.

11 Movies Where a Main Character Dies

– DISCLAIMER – Just a heads up that there will be spoilers in the article. It should be obvious, considering the title, but I will give the disclaimer anyway. I do mention that a main character dies while briefly discussing the films, but I don’t go into much more detail than that. They are still worth watching, even […]

Netflix Streaming: “Only God Forgives,” 2013 (Dir. by Nicolas Winding Refn)

Director, Nicolas Winding Refn, has received a lot of backlash for Only God Forgives – some deserved, some not so much. After the beloved Drive with Ryan Gosling as the ever-stoic bad boy, it seems that audiences were expecting a sequel or rehash of similar themes with Winding Refn’s most recent release. However this isn’t what we get with Only God Forgives, Gosling may be just as reticent as in Drive, but aside from that and the violence, the similarities end.

Netflix Streaming: “The Paperboy,” 2012 (Dir. by Lee Daniels)

The Paperboy | Directed by Lee Daniels Release Date: 2012 | Rating: R Run Time: 1hr 47min The Paperboy isn’t a very talked about film – in fact, I haven’t heard anything since its horrible reception at Cannes in 2012. Well, I have to be honest here: aside from its reception at Cannes, the only […]