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No Dogs No Masters [5am film series]

Jim Swill‘s latest documentary examines society’s use of technology with a particular focus on Southern Televangelists and the Selfie Culture. As always, he shoots his films on Smart phones, this latest one was shot on a shattered iPhone4. Swill made No Dogs No Masters while traveling around the United States and filmed, scored, wrote, and narrated the entire piece.

Dark Star: H. R. Giger’s World

This post originally appeared on Disinfo.com on May 14, 2015. One year ago this month, the iconic sci-fi artist, H.R. Giger, passed away. Undoubtedly his legacy will live on, not only as the creator of the Alien, but also as the preeminent producer of biomechanical art. Filmmaker Belinda Sallin’s Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World is […]

Lars von Trier Explains Dogme 95

Lars von Trier turns 59 today and to honor the legendary auteur, Indiewire shared this short documentary about the Dogme 95 movement. In an effort to take power away from the studios, von Trier founded the movement with Danish director, Thomas Vinterberg, in 1995. The movement “ended” in 2005 and included films from notable filmmakers such […]

The Act of Killing, Documentary,

Netflix Streaming: “The Act of Killing,” 2012 (Dir. by Joshua Oppenheimer)

The Act of Killing | Directed by Joshua Oppenheimer | Release Year: 2012 Rating: NR | Run Time: 1hr 55min The Act of Killing is one of those films will drain your spirits and tug at your morality for hours after the credits stop scrolling. But it’s also one of those films that shouldn’t be missed. During 1965-1966 […]