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Hostel: Part III – Too much of the old “switcheroo” (Netflix Streaming)

The Hostel series has been a lot of things: gory, over-the-top, even raunchy, but I never thought it would be boring. Except that’s exactly how Hostel: Part III left me: bored, apathetic, and unabsorbed.

Netflix Streaming: “We Are What We Are,” 2013 (Dir. by Jim Mickle)

We Are What We Are | Directed by Jim Mickle | Release Year: 2013 Rating: R | Run Time: 1hr 45min We Are What We Are eschews many traditional horror tropes to create a tragic, cannibalistic family drama. Don’t expect conventional scares or classic villainy from this horror film, but do expect excellent Gothic-esque atmosphere, original […]

Berberian Sound Studio Poster

NETFLIX STREAMING: “Berberian Sound Studio,” 2012 (Dir. by Peter Strickland)

Berberian Sound Studio | Directed by Peter Strickland | Release Date: 2012 | Rating: NR | Run Time: 1hr 32min Berberian Sound Studio is, at once, a story of life imitating art, a film within a film, an appreciation of Italian horror and Surrealist cinema, and a horror film that doesn’t manage to scare as much as it manages to […]